Samantha Smith - Young Ambassador


Patricia Stone Martin

Young Ambassador


A biography of the young girl who, as a result of a letter written to Soviet leader Yuri Andropov, visited the Soviet Union as an ambassador of peace. Includes advice on setting and reaching goals. 


 From The Critics

School Library Journal
Gr 2-4 This series of biographies profiles the lives of contemporary celebrities, purporting to demonstrate that, by having goals and striving to reach them, the people under discussion reached their levels of success. Written on a level just above that of an easy reader, each biography follows the same basic format: subjects are introduced with the goals that formed their lives (Jackson's desire for equal rights, Smith's desire to discover the reasons behind the hostility between the U. S. and the USSR); the events of their lives are described in 21 pages, half-filled with illustrations painfully amateur in their execution; and a 2-page outline called ``Reaching Your Goal'' concludes the text. Even if one were to accept the premise that firmly didactic biographies are still valid additions to library collections for children, these are so poorly written and so badly illustrated that they do not meet this long-discardedone hopesgoal. The more valid need for biographies on a primary level is also defeated by this kind of paste-up of dates, broad statements, and unsubstantiated impressions. The subjects of these biographies are worthy of profile, but neither they nor those interested in them are served by this completely undistinguished series. Christine Behrmann, New York Public Library 


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