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A Message from Jane G. Smith

Dear Friends,

I would like to welcome you to I believe you will find this website a great resource on the life and legacy of my daughter, Samantha Smith.  

Since the Samantha Smith Foundation no longer operates programs of its own, I was grateful for an online resource that is filled with informative articles and photos.  

I would like to thank Lena Nelson, a volunteer who developed this site. Lena grew up in Russia and Samantha was her childhood hero. I appreciate Lena's desire to preserve her memory for other children and adults. The site is just what I had envisioned and hoped someday to have to let others know about Samantha.

I have shared much of my memorabilia with the website. Be sure to visit the archives section to view some of the cartoons published about Samantha’s famous letter and trip, and check out The Samantha Smith Collection at the Maine State Museum page to see photographs of the souvenirs presented to Samantha during her USSR tour.

This website is a good resource for school children, parents, educators and anyone who might have followed Samantha’s trip back in 1983. I was happy to learn that the US Embassy in Russia has included the link to this site in its Youth section of the 200th Anniversary of US-Russia relations website. The website is also listed on Maine Secretary of State Kids’ page. 

I hope you enjoy what it has to offer!  


Best regards,

Jane G. Smith

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